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 Song Fic

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PostSubject: Song Fic   Thu Sep 02, 2010 9:33 pm

Your hair is dancing in the wind
Your eyes are burning up my skin.
And I'm so happy when I see,
That you are smiling back at me.

He reopened his eyes, seeing the same four walls he was used to. He pulled his knees up to his chest, trying desperately not to blink. He would just see her again, and it would hurt again....

Now your gone,
I realize my love for you was strong,
And I miss you here now your gone.
And I keep waiting here by the phone,
With your pictures hanging on the wall.

But he knew no call was coming. She was gone, he'd never see her again. It was over.

I'm so alone,
Here on my own,
and I am waiting for you to come...

He heard her voice, her sweet melodic voice, echoing in his mind. The last words she said to him. That last sweet sentence.

I want to be,
A part of you,
Think of all the things we could do...

How he wanted to be with her again. The pain of not seeing her was too great to bear. But she was gone.

There's an empty place in my heart,
Without my baby it'll break apart.
It won't heal, it never fades away,
I'll be thinking 'bout you every day.

He needed her, needed to feel her touch, see her smile, hear her voice just one more time! He found the blade easily enough, he had tons of them.


Seemed to echo through his head, as he pointed the blade on his heart. He tensed his muscles, preparing to stab when her voice sounded through his head. “I miss you. But don't be stupid.” But surely he was hearing things...

Is this the way it's meant,
Only dreaming that your missing me.

“But we could be together again!” He cried. “Not like this.” Her voice again appeared.

And I'm waiting here at home,
I'll be crazy, now your gone.

“Please, if you cared for me at all, don't do this.” The voice came from by his ear. He whirled around. “But we could be happy! We could be together!” He shouted. “I'll only be happy if you live your life first.” The voice came back. His shoulders sagged, and the blade dropped from his hand.

“All I ever wanted
was to see you smiling
All I ever wanted
was to make you mine”

“And you will, in time. One day, we will be together again, but for now, please, live your life.” The voice faded. “NO!” He shouted. “Don't leave again!” “I have to.” “But...

You are, my light in the dark.
You are, the beating in my heart.

Please don't leave!” He felt her arms wrap around him from behind, but when he turned, she wasn't there. “I'll always be with you. But I can't stay here. It's my time. Goodbye, I Love you.” With that last word, the voice which had been fading more and more, faded completely, leaving him alone again.
But he knew she was with him, and so, he got off his bed, and opened up the curtains, revealing a bright, cloudless day outside.

Now your gone,
My Angel in the light,
I know that I love you,
I promised I'd wait for you.

Song fic I wrote on Sep 2nd. Song's used are Basshunters: Now Your Gone, All I ever Wanted, Angel in the Night, I Promised Myself. Song's belong to the band and it's studios, not me.

Please review in a reply. I'd like to know what people think about this song fic, as it's my first one.
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Song Fic
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