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 Outcast (Open)

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PostSubject: Outcast (Open)   Sat Oct 23, 2010 9:57 pm

"Stop it!""You're defying the King!""You won't go unpunished!"
Those were the pleas of my friends...they cared...I knew I should have listened.

"Criminal.""Shameful.""A guilt to the whole Pride.""You will bring yourself and the rest of us nothing but suffering."
The words of the elders...even if they weren't fond of me, they were true. They were a pure warning.

"You should have known better.""I taught you better.""I never expected you to let me down so much."
The den mothers, the ones who raised me and loved me from a young age...they even had voiced it. I was blinded though.

"I am ashamed of you. Never show your face to me again!
"Mother? Mommy? No! Please...please don't give up on me. Mother! I didn't mean it."

    "Just leave. I will not let them be harmed by your curse."
    "Fine. I'll leave. Good bye...Dad."

    Tiaret had wanted to run. She had just wanted to get away from the pride that she had been born and raised in. The young lioness didn't see the crime in what she was doing. Love was a compelling force to all of them. As a lioness, she knew one way to express love: to bring food to her mate. If they didn't love the King, they would starve him, make him weak, and let another male drive him out. Such was the love of a lioness.

    During her first year or two of life, she had been encouraged to find love, seek a 'second mate' from the King so that loneliness wouldn't make her bitter. So she had done that. She had fond a love that she could serve while remaining faithful to the King. Why was she being punished for that?!

"I-I'm sorry. This Pride has done much for me. I must stand by it."


    That had been the final betrayal. Tiaret had given her heart to Zeena and Zeena had turned against her in the end. Zeena had been wounded when she was chased from her own Pride for attaching the King. Tairet found the nearly dead female lioness and had started to care for her. It had become an obsession to her, caring more for the female then her own Pride.

    That would have been fine. Once Zeena had gotten better, Tiaret had taken her to the Pride and gotten her accepted. Everything had been perfect, but Tiaret had started having...thoughts...and ideas...In the end, she had refused to have cubs for Haben, the Second King. Davu was her father, but Haben was another male he had taken under his wing.

    It was really Zeena's fault. She had taught Tiaret about true love, and that had made Tiaret resentful to have to be with someone she didn't love. She didn't want to bare cubs for him or anyone else. The refusal to be a mother had been what caused the Pride to turn against her. She hadn't been driven out. No. She had just been completely ignored by everyone...even Zeena. In the end, Tiaret left, but it was hardly of her own accord.

    Now, days, maybe even a complete moon, had passed, and the young lioness's once glossy, white gold pelt was now dingy, her beautiful, crystal blue eyes were dull, and she felt weak. It was a small miracle that she had managed to run so far, since she had been half starved before hand.

    Stumbling and weak, she continued forward. A head, she could see the faint outline of trees ahead. There, she could find shelter, rest and regain her strength. However, the white lioness never made it. Her legs gave out and she fell to the ground.

((OOC:/ Oddly, I have romance planned for this. Tiaret is a white lioness, so she was never warmly accepted by her original Pride anyway. When it turned out that she was also gay, they were less than friendly with her and she ran away. I would like for your character to save her...or be a savager and the two of them fight...that might be cool. Your character can be any species you want, so long as it would naturally be in Africa.
Please don't use the color brown for your character's speech unless it is from Tiaret's original Pride. I sort of want to have it so that various prides and species have different colors. Loners/outcasts have blue/green. The Abeen (Tiaret's Pride) are brown.
If you want to use want of the characters before, their names are (in the order that they speak):
Dera, Delu, Elon-These three are younger, sisters and half sisters to Tiaret
Hazina, Hidi, Ife-These three are elders, grandmothers and great aunt to Tiaret
Eshe, Jira, Kioni-Eshe is an elder and great aunt, Jira is an aunt (sister of her mother), but Kioni is just Haben's sister
Amondi-Tiaret's mother
Davu-Tiaret's father
Zeena-Tiaret's love))


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Outcast (Open)
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