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 Frozen Freedom (Open - Possibly Mature)

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PostSubject: Frozen Freedom (Open - Possibly Mature)   Sat Nov 20, 2010 11:25 pm

The gates of the facility opened wide. People started pouring in from the streets, running to see the prized possessions behind steel bars, glass windows and fenced off areas. The roar of humans wakes most of the lazy creatures in the zoo. Monkeys holler and throw things at each other, while the birds squawk with enthusiasm. The clamor awakes the sleeping cats, surrounded in rock walls and a glass peaking room. Kito wakes and stretches before walking out of his hidden shelter. He turns to face his friends and then walks to the center of the clearing. He looks up at the glass and sees the tiny humans smiling down at him. They beat the glass and wave as if he could return the gesture to them.

Instead he turns around and walks away from their glowing faces. He sniffs the ground and lays down. His tail flicks from side to side. He stares at the walls, his prison. He takes a deep sigh and then rolls over onto his back. He digs his spine into the snow and closes his eyes, moving from side to side. Kito stares up at the sky, the only place not covered by walls. Freedom, so far away. Kito had always dreamed of being free, living in the wild. An older Snow Leopard used to live with Kito years ago, when Kito was a cub. She would always talk about living in the snow covered hills with these yummy creatures named lemmings and rabbits. Sleeping in a real den made of real rocks and not the weird material they lived in. But that female passed away from old age. Some of the other leopards had always told him that it was a tale or a myth that the elders told the young ones to make their lives better. But Kito believed every word of it. He knew there was a world outside of his cage. He was going to find a way out.

Before he could start planning his escape, the feeding door opened and a plate of meet slid out on the ground. This awoke his friends and made his stomach growl. He stood up and started trotting over to the meal.

((Looking for any leopards. Could be Yaoi or straight, don’t really mind/care. But what young Kito wants is to break free of his prison and live amongst the wild leopards. So the main goal is escape!!!))
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PostSubject: Re: Frozen Freedom (Open - Possibly Mature)   Wed Nov 24, 2010 3:58 pm

    Yuuki prowled forward. His lean body was low, close to the ground. His thick, belly fur brushed against the ground. His large paws worked over the icy rocks as he moved forward. The wind rustled his pelt and brought him the scent of prey. A throating sound rumbled out of him. He was hungry. Soon, he would have his meal.


    The sound woke the young snow leopard instantly. On his paws, he bound over to the meat. His mind wasn't really awake, but Yuuki hadn't woken up for months. There was no point in getting his brain to wake up. All that would happen was he would be driven insane. This was so painful, so stale. There was no way that he could live like this and keep his will. Even though his brain was asleep, he was still miserable.

    His jaws crunched over the meat. His movements were robotic. He hated this place. He wanted to hunt. He wanted to be free. None of this felt real to him. It was no small wonder that he was loosing weight and steadily looking worse. The zoo keepers kept drawing him out for tests, but there was no medicine that the humans could give him that would stop his dreams and his dreaming.

[[Yuuki doesn't have to be paired with Kito, but he will help him escape.]]


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Frozen Freedom (Open - Possibly Mature)
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