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 Rainbow Diarhea

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PostSubject: Rainbow Diarhea    Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:27 pm

One can only act cheery for so long,
Before his tears give away the pain.
He can only smile so wide,
before the bleeding shows the hole she left.
He can only lie happily so many times,
Before thoughts of her rip the truth from him.
He hurts, still and forever.
And he still gives his love, to those who killed him slowly.

((This poem was inspired by the words of someone who hurt me {though i doubt she know's it.} and who i really can't get over. I thought i had, and yet the first time i see her, it's like ripping off a scab to say 'oh hey, that wounds still there, and now it hurts worse. the words were 'One can only act Cheery for so long.' in reference to not killing someone black friday shopping. i agreed, but because i didn't want to tell her that I was getting Un-cheery because of her sitting there talking intimate and loving with her bf right in front of me. {Very stupid and pathetic of me, but idrgaf right now.} tell me how it is, it's the work of like, five minutes.))
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Rainbow Diarhea
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