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 Dreamer City||Ya/Yu||OTA

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PostSubject: Dreamer City||Ya/Yu||OTA   Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:39 am

Art(c)BlackInk on deviantART

    Penda tugged nervously at her small, black glove. Her other glove had been stolen while she had slept the night before. Penda wasn't a heavy sleeper, so it must have a crafty thief to lift the glove from her small pile of belongings.

    'Why would someone steal from someone who has nothing?' Penda had wondered.

    Though the young doe didn't exactly have nothing, she have very little. Her collar was a gift that her human had given her...before she had been thrown away. Her gloves, well, glove now, had been a gift from a friend she had made in her first home outside of the human house. That was all she had to show for her long, difficult six moons of life.

    Sighing, Penda lowered her self back onto fourpaws and scurried forward. Her life had been nothing, if not interesting. When she was little, she had been tamed by a human, only to be tossed in a trash can and sent to the dump. At the dump, she had made friends, but the living was too hard there, so she had slipped onto one of the trucks and ridden it back to the city. Young Penda had only been in the city for a few days and already it was starting to wear her down.

    Hungry and lonely, Penda leap up onto the curb to look around. It was so early that the sun wasn't yet over the tops of the buildings and no humans were out. Penda felt safer in the open, away from the other rats. Maybe it was foolish of her to feel that way, but she did.

    "Bye Romeo! Look me up if you're ever back around!" Carlo squeaked as he leap off the back of a truck, landing on the road. Since he had been doing this for a few days, he was so used to the pain of hitting the pavement that he didn't make a sound from pain. Instead, he leap up again and waved goodbye to the truck. On the back, he could see the black rat waving to him as well.

    As soon as the truck was out of sight, which took onto two whisker flicks for Carlo, the creamy and cinnamon rat turned and bound straight for the sewer entrance, a large grate on the side of the road. It was a trick for him to get his black bag through, but he managed and soon he was dropping down into the darkness below.

    Carlo caught himself on the wall and slowly began lowering himself. "Geez! This stinks so bad!" he complained in a whiny tone. Glancing around, his purple eyes saw nothing in the darkness, though his elegant ears caught sound of movement. There were others nearby, but he was fairly certain they weren't too close. His nose was too befuddled by the scent of human waste to know for certain.

    Reaching the wet, slimy floor, he squeaked in protest, raising his paws to stare at them in horror. His beautiful, shiny bands were covered with muck! Glaring, he started rubbing them against his flank to clear away the muck. Angrily, he grumbled, "Why in the world did Penda come here!?"

Art(c)BlackInk on deviantART

[[Okay, this is open to all. You can be a cat, another rat, a dog, whatever. The only rule is: your character(s) can't eat mine! XD
Carlo is '18', a fruity bastard, and looking for Penda, because they belonged to the same human at one point and he is trying to talk her into going back to their two companions.
Penda is '15/16', gay (though she hides it), and trying to find her way. She doesn't know that Carlo is looking for her.
This can develop anyway, really. Carlo could get kidnapped by the sewer rats (It wouldn't be the first time he had been kidnapped. XD) or Penda could meet a cat on the streets.
Really, this is open to plot development.
Anyone may join and this is open to all.]]


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Dreamer City||Ya/Yu||OTA
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