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 Underneath The Willow Tree (Yuri, Open, Possibly Mature)

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PostSubject: Underneath The Willow Tree (Yuri, Open, Possibly Mature)   Tue Dec 07, 2010 12:36 am

Rebecca Anderson
    2102 A.D.
    March 26
    12:51 A.M.
    Anderson Home, Bay Field, New Jersey, United Countries of Earth

    "Do you believe that there is life after death?"

    All of the words I expected to hear from her, those were the least likely. In our world, believing wasn't something that was really smiled upon. The belief in aliens that I read about in books had been confirmed. God and all things related had been dismissed by almost all. Even emotions weren't believed in anymore by the masses.

    I wasn't one of the masses. My heart ached the the longing to believe, so I let it. Whenever someone found out that I viewed my emotions as more than just responses or that I still worshiped, they would mark me off as crazy, chemically imbalanced, and leave me alone.

    If Romou hadn't been such a strong, non-believer others would have thought that she was crazy as well. However, Romou was one of the most logical, science bound people to ever walk the planet. She did not believe in emotion, did not act on impulse, held no belief in stronger beings, and didn't care much for looking at the stars.

    That was what made her question so shocking.

    Tilting my head, I gazed at her face. We weren't speaking in person, but it was hardly a wonder at such a late hour. Most of the solar powered lamps were already off for the night, across the city, and the view from my apartment to hers was so dark and clear that I was almost certain that I could see the faint glow in her window from her screen. Romou had dark bags under her eyes, a sign that she hadn't slept or used a Fadzer in a while. It was shocking, since the dark haired girl was always very concerned about her looks. Since her light display was set to night vision, there was a green tinge to the normally flawless pallor.

    My copper and silver tipped hair fell into my face as I tilted my head. For a moment, I thought about it and then I nodded. Grinning, I told her, "I do."

    A soft smile played at her beautiful face and she whispered, "I knew you would."

    I was both shocked and dismayed when her screen turned off. Assuming that it was her parents, I stood up and stretched. We had been talking for hours, so I didn't worry much. Instead, I sent her a quick, teasing message about abandoning me, before turning off my own system and going to my sleeping cell.

    2102 A.D.
    March 26
    12:43 P.M.
    Anderson Home, Bayfield, New Jersey, United Countries of Earth

    I didn't understand why the cops were at my door. I didn't understand the questions they were asking me about Romou. I didn't understand any of it, but I didn't want to.

    2102 A.D.
    March 28
    3:15 P.M.
    Eim Co. Incinerator, Bayfield, New Jersey, United Countries of Earth

    Once, I had read a book where the main character's best friend died. They said in the book that the best friend was buried underneath a willow tree, while friends and family gathered to speak of them and support each other. In my life, I had lost many. None of them had ever been buried and very few of them had had a gathering in their honor. This was nothing odd. It was painful to me though.

    Things were no different for Romou. When I went to the incinerator, where they were taking care of her body, I was alone. In my hands, I held her favorite books and small trinkets. The workers there looked at me as if I were crazy when I asked them to burn the items with her body. However, they agreed and I was soon on my way.

    Where I went from there was a mystery, even to me, because my mind stopped functioning until I woke up at home, hours later. When I woke, I knew that I had to take the voyage to Legna Rallets.

    Legna Rallets, commonly called Legna, was one of the few worlds that still had beliefs. Their beliefs were all different and the world was plagued with squabbling, but it was also one of the most beautiful places in the world.

    I wouldn't be going there to sight-see, however. I was going to question my own beliefs. Was there really something larger out there? How could there be...if they let Romou take her own life?

    2102 A.D.
    April 6
    9:32 A.M.
    Dation Pavilion, New York, New York, United Countries of Earth

    It had taken a while for me to get my affairs in order. Much like any other sixteen year old earthling, I still had to get my credit deposits worked out, my education sessions sent ahead, and several other things involving my investments. It was tedious work, but without my parents, I was the one that had to do it.

    Now, everything was done and I was free to go. Dressed in a heavy, dark brown cloak, with a small pack over my shoulder, I walked towards the front gates of the station. Legna was a four month journey by Speeder and a two week trip by BulletShip. Since I couldn't afford the fair for BulletShip and I wanted to see more of the galaxy, I had opted for Speeder. Speeder's weren't as safe nor were they as fast, but I didn't let that stop me.

    Going up to the front gate, I dug through my bags and pulled out my papers. Passing them to the female Zagon behind the counter, I continued to hold out my wrist so she could check both. Her feline expression was bored until she got halfway down my papers.

    "Full blood human?" she asked with a curious tone. She leaned forward and sniffed, a common gesture from Zagon that were faced with something new.

    Smiling, I nodded and answered, "Both of my parents were human as far back as can be traced."

    "That's rather impressive. Even I am not full blooded," the Zagon told me. Her tone was teasing and it was hard to say if she was serious or just mocking me. Either way, I was given back my papers and on the Speeder soon enough.

    Speeders were unique in build. There were compartments for those that wanted their privacy and then there were common areas for those that wanted company. Everything was narrow and slightly squeezed together, but the view from the windows couldn't be beat.

    As I entered, I went straight to my own compartment and slid the door closed behind me. Walking over to the seats, I sank down with a sigh and gazed out the window. Soon, we would be at Aragthon, the first world on my stop.

[[Okay, I am planning yuri for this one. Rebecca is a lesbian, which is accepted and normal in that time period, except on certain planets. Maybe she meets someone on the train, the two talk, one or the other falls in love instantly and starts following the other. You can make up any invention/planet/creature that you want to. All I ask is that you don't have a full blood human as your character.
Please be extremely literate and descriptive. If you do not want to RP in first person, post in third person and I shall do the same.
Please post an anime picture or a link back to one.
Questions, feel free to PM me.
This can go anywhere, really.
Rebecca will be submissive and dominate, varying depending on the situation.
An idea for a slightly darker twist would be Rebecca is kidnapped on the train and sold, since her blood-line is unique and there are plenty of "collectors" out there.
It's up to you. ^_^]]


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Underneath The Willow Tree (Yuri, Open, Possibly Mature)
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