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 Sweet Bliss

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PostSubject: Sweet Bliss   Thu Jan 13, 2011 3:05 pm

The music surges surrounding me in the sweet bliss of my own little world. The words hold a special meaning even if I know not what they mean. That’s my joy though, being unable to understand the words. I just need to hear the sweet voices meld together in perfect harmony. My voice works, my lips move, and my body moves to the beat. In the security of my own room, I let my true self out. Crystal drops glint against the dim light as I’m reminded of past memories through music.

Why must I be reminded of you?

I ignore the need to cry, focusing on the harsh electronic beats pounding through my headphones. I forget, focusing on happier memories that fit with the beat. The music surges once more taking me higher and higher. until I fall into a psychedelic bliss. I giggle, wondering who needs drugs to get high.

Why must I be reminded of you?

Memories swarm of when we used to laugh. Your arms wrapped around me in a loving embrace as we laugh at our friends. Your arms shield me determined to protect my innocence from our demented friends. The urge to cry burst to the forefront of my heart.

I won’t live a lie. Why you try?

The lyrics shatter my resolve, sending me to the floor just as more of the song clicks in my head.

Your heart is gone. My heart is strong. Leave me alone. Leave me alone

Questions litter across the space of my mind. One song reminds me of you after so many years. I refused to accept your feelings, broke your heart, and now I realize how much I regret such a decision. If only because I miss talking with you.

Why can’t you let it go, let it go, let it go, let it go? Because your heart is empty.

Is my heart empty? Why should I care so much? I broke up with you. The thought sends guilt shattering through me. All I can do is whisper to myself in the depths of darkness “I’m sorry”
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Sweet Bliss
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