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 Relic Of a Time Long Gone (Private)

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PostSubject: Relic Of a Time Long Gone (Private)   Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:49 am

In the year 2015, the ability to generate human flesh from a small tissue sample hit a break through: the first of the Relics were made. Paid for by a millionaire movie maker and with a swarm of supporters behind it, the Relic program rapidly developed. It went from life saving organs that could be spawned in a few hours to living, breathing beings. At first, these were solely made to be organ donors. They were born to take care of themselves and one day die to save a real human being.

Like all things, however, their purposes were soon distorted. The first deviation of purpose to be sold to the public was creating animals. These animals were stronger, faster, smarter, and lived longer. Some could speak and most had oddly colored pelts that never changed or faded. They had a deactivation word for when they were no longer amusing to the purchaser.

Though these were the first public deviation, it was common speculation that "toys" were the true first and they existed even before donors were available to the public.

Toys were Relics designed with human appearance and behaviorisms but no free will was implanted in their brains. They were living, breathing robots, existing just for orders. Before they went public, they were almost solely for sexual pleasure. When they were publicized, they were made more "friendly" by being converted into house cleaners, cooks, 'friends' for children, and much more, but their true purpose never changed and as years passed, the scientist only got better at making them.

Model Number: 543-692-831

Born in a tube and raised in a lab, Quillan hadn't seen much that was not black, gray, or green. All that he knew was the sharp sting of needles as his blood was taken to examine and make certain he was perfect. Nutrients came in the form of pills and tasteless liquids that left a thick, grimy layer on his tongue. His world was limited to what the scientist viewed as needed and to fit the custom order he had been made for, there wasn't a lot he needed to know.

Quillan was nearing the appearance and mental capacities of an eighteen year old human when he was sent to what should be his owner. He was placed inside a tube not so different from the one he had developed in. The liquid inside of it left him in a deep, hibernating sleep. The tube was then placed inside of the box. When the crate opened, he would be woken from his sleep, prepared to serve his master.

The company drove the crate straight to the front door of the man that owned him and placed him with a bill for Quillan stapled to the box. The black haired, blue eyed male hovered in the liquid, caught in a dreamless slumber. Naught passed through his mind as he hovered seemingly endless hours in a world made of nothing but darkness.



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Relic Of a Time Long Gone (Private)
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