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 The Dragon Riders of Alkalai - (OPEN - Mature)

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PostSubject: The Dragon Riders of Alkalai - (OPEN - Mature)   Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:26 pm

"Many years ago there was an incredible war, comprised of man and beast. The giant beasts lived far into the mountains and woods, away from the eyes and ears of man. It would have stayed that way if it had not been for "Richard the Vile". As a young prince, he was quite adventurous. He was always getting into some sort of trouble or mischief. One day he ventured into the woods and happened across a large reptilian creature. He released a shriek of fear. Quickly both of his hands covered his mouth, but it was too late. He had awoken the beast. It's large golden-brown eye peered down at the young boy clad in cloth and wooden sword. Richard dropped his toy weapon and ran back home faster than he had ever ran in his life. He told his father of what he saw, but his father believed it to just be a tale, a made up story from a young boy's imagination. His father was neither fond of tall tales or lies. Since his father did not believe his story, he swore that when he received the crown, he would search for the creatures and kill them. He would even make one to hang above the mantle of the fireplace, well maybe just the head. Somehow the story got out to the people and they spoke of Richard as if he were insane. He would prove himself not crazy.
"Years passed. The king grew sick, as the now young adult Richard grew anxious of the power that was soon to be his. His father was deathly ill, but had no signs of passing yet. This angered Richard. He devised a plan to take his own father's life, so one night he crept into his father's chamber. His father was happy to his son, so worried about him. As they embraced in the King's bed, Richard slowly moved his hands to wrap around the King's neck and squeezed the breath from his father's lips. He laid is father back down on the pillows and took a knee by the bed. Fake tears streamed down his face and a sorrowful cry escaped from his lips. Soon the attendants barged into the room. They would never suspect the boy of killing his own father."
"But why would he kill his own dad?"
"Now hold on there, the story is not complete."
"Oh yeah. I forgot."
"Where was I? Oh yes, Richard assumed the role of king shortly after the funeral of his father. He made all kinds of changes in the village. He dropped the prices so they were more affordable for months, he made it much easier for the citizens that they believed him to be better than their previous king. But they had no idea what Richard would put them through in the months to come. One day he called the village to a meeting. They all stood below his balcony which over-looked the center of the village. He started to explain the auburn beast he had seen as a small child. While many didn't believe the story, others stared upon him as if he were speaking words from god himself. Within the next month's time, they had built an army of believers. Their objective was to destroy the massive reptiles. On one night, Richard called the troops to the center of town. They were equipped with ropes, torches, pitch forks, swords, axes, shields, maces, chains, whips, bows and arrows, and anything that could be used as a weapon."
"Did he want to capture them?"
" How am I to tell you the tale if you insist on asking questions?"
"Sorry. I will silence myself."
He chuckles, "now, everyone was ready to find these beasts. The only knowledge they had on them was plate-like armor covered their bodies, giant golden-brown eyes, and burnt auburn skin color. The citizens had no idea what they were getting themselves into. King Richard approached the balcony and spoke down to his people. 'These beasts bring us much harm. They wish to devour our children and wives, destroy our homes and steal our livestock. They must be destroyed before they kill us all!' The crowd roared in agreement, as the elders watched in the shadows muttering to themselves. Some rode on horseback, while others trailed after their hounds. The hunt was on. The large group led by King Richard himself, made their trek towards the giant woods just outside the village. He took them to the same place he had gone to as a child. He was confident and cocky as always. The citizens that stayed behind, stood behind their windows and watched from the safety of their homes. After many minutes, they could no longer see their loved ones. The forest was quiet, too quiet. Near one of the mountain peaks, a loud howl from a hound could be heard. Few men came running back down. With the ones that returned was King Richard. He turned to look back at the mountain, but only for a moment as a large silver beast rose into the sky. It's wingspan alone struck terror into Richard's heart. A whirlwind of fire blew from it's massive jaws as it consumed many lives in the flames. Screams and cries could be heard. This would be the start of it all. King Richard kicked his horse to full speed as he entered the gates on his castle. He ordered the servants to close the gate and headed towards the towers, made of large rocks. He stabled his stead and raced up the many flights of stairs for the best view. He was safe, but the same could not be said for his subjects. Many of them left the safety of their homes and went searching for their loved ones. This was the first night of the massacres that would happen continuously for the next couple of years. The creatures would attack the town, breathing their fire, and destroying everything in their path.
"Finally King Richard called for help from the neighboring towns, cities, and villages. When the help arrived, the attacks came to a stop. Many thought the creatures were all deceased and long gone. Now years later, there is no sign of them still."
"Do you think they still exist grandpa?"
The boy's grandfather smiled as he rubbed his hand over his beard and looked out the window, "I believe they do."
Hearing his grandfather's words, he smiled. "Maybe I will find them!"
His grandfather laughed and rubbed the boy's hair. "Maybe you will... But after me of course!"


Kale washed his face in the bucket of water on his counter. He stared out the window and sighed as he knew today would be just another boring day of being a blacksmith. He threw on some clothes and walked out of his hut. He walked only few feet before he was in his very own shop. His grandfather had started the place, when the attacks were happening. His grandfather was the only one supplying all the metal weapons for the battles in the later years of the fight. Kale often thought about the story from his childhood and how he was making a difference. The beasts would return and he would be ready. But as of right now, nobody was buying weapons. Kale didn't care. He made them anyway. He dipped the metal into the fire and pulled it out, placing it on the anvil. As he picked up his hammer to start working, he heard a loud, familiar voice outside his door. He smiled and continued to beat the sword into a straight line. Soon a male busted through the door. Dartanian. Kale smiled up at his friend, but continued to work.
"Why do you work so hard when there is no battle to be fought?" asked his friend as he leaned against the wall.
Kale looked up at his friend and smiled, "someday we will need my craft. I will be ready."
Dartanian laughed and crossed his arms over his chest. "Well, when was the last time you had some fun? You should come with us to the lake! The ladies will be there and you know how fond of you they are."
Kale shook his head and continued to work, "I have too much to get done. I don't have the time for tom foolery."
Dartanian walked over to his friend and grabbed his wrist in mid air. "Please? For me? You know how I get around them. You are the only one that can help me."
Kale rolled his eyes as he knew this to be true. "Fine." He placed the hammer down and washes his hands in his bucket of water on the desk. Dartanian hurried outside the door, but before he couldn't be seen, he popped his head inside and exclaimed, "I have your stead ready!"
Kale laughed as his friend disappeared. He walked out of the shop and closed the door. As he turned to face Dartanian, he saw his white stead all ready and waiting, along with Dartanian's brown horse. He walked over to his horse and hopped onto the saddle. "You never cease to amaze me Dartanian," he said as he raced off towards the lake. Dartanian was right on his tail. The two males made it to the lake quite fast and found the females Dartanian was speaking of. There were four of them clad in beautiful summer dresses. Their hair was mostly up in all sorts of fashions. None of these females had ever caught Kale's eye, but he would be looking for love eventually. They dismounted and tied their steads to the branch near them. They walked over to the females, who all stood up as the two males approached.
"Good morrow my ladies," said Kale as he bowed to them.
The females giggled and looked at each other before bowing to Kale and Dartanian. Two of the females stared at Dartanian the shy. Dartanian mimicked the bow his friend made and looked up at the dames. His cheeks were blushed with a rosy pink.
"How do you fare, Dartanian?" asked one of the girls.
Dartanian scratched his head and smiled at them adoringly, "oh I am alright. I suppose."
One of the females started staring at Kale. His eyes looked to meet her gaze. Her eyes moved from his head, down to his waist where his sword hung and then back up to his eyes. He placed his hand on the hilt and smiled, "for emergencies, I suppose." She nodded her head and quickly turned to the other females. The four of them started talking, not loud enough for the males to hear, but they knew what it was about. Dartanian turned to his friend and stared evilly.
"Why did you bring that?" he asked as he pointed to the hilt.
Kale stared back at his friend. "You know why I bring it. Do you really have to ask?"
Dartanian shook his head in shame, "Kale they are long gone. They are dead. Our very own relatives killed every last one of them."
"How do you know that? How does anyone know that?" Kale questioned.
Dartanian stared at his friends, peering right through his eyes, "Kale, go put it away. Don't ruin this for me, please." His tone was not of anger, but more pleading.
Kale turned to walk towards his horse, when he heard a female scream. He quickly turned around and saw the four of them chasing a horse. Something had frightened it and it somehow got lose of it's harness around it's head. Kale jumped onto his stead and grabbed the rope he always had in his saddle for this very reason. He rode after the horse. Dartanian walked over to the females to comfort them, "now worries ladies. Kale will retrieve your stead in no time."
Kale raced after the black horse, dodging low tree branches, rocks, and bushes. His stead neighed as they grew closer. As they approached the scared horse, it came to a sudden stop. It kicked up onto it's hind legs right as the rope lassoed around it's broad neck. The end of the rope was tied to Kale's white horse. He watched the horse run back towards the lake and was about to follow, when his own horse bucked him off. He hit the ground with a loud thump and turned over onto his stomach. He looked back and his horse was nowhere in sight. He turned his head as he heard something moving along the floor of leaves before him. His eyes darted from side to side, trying to spot the creature that was with him and scared the horses. "It must be a wolf," he said to himself. He heard a deep groan as he got to his feet. He slowly stepped closer to the creature, moving the bushes out of the way to get a clear view of the beast. As the plant life was removed from his sights, his eyes fell on a blue shaded creature. It's scales were blue like the lake. His breathing almost came to a halt as he heard his father's depiction of a dragon in his mind, "They are large, with a massive head. Their razor sharp teeth will pierce the armor of any man. Their body is covered in scales, which are not penetrable by arrows. It's like it's a very strong plate armor. Their feet are like talons of a ravenous eagle. Their wings are longer and larger than anything you have ever seen. Spikes cover their body from the top of the spine behind heir head, to the tip of their tail, which is shaped like a dagger. The worst part about a dragon is their eyes. When you stare a dragon straight in the eyes, it seems as though you are powerless to the creature and your legs will not move you from its stare."

As Kale looked down at the body before him, it didn't seem as large as the stories he had heard. In fact it was much smaller than in the tales. He took one step forward, but his foot broke a twig and made a large crack noise. The creature took a deep breath and turned his head right at Kale. Kale placed his hand on the handle of his sword and unsheathed it, holding it forward. He stared at the beast right in the eyes, but he was not scared. He placed his other hand on top of the first and pointed it at the beast. Behind Kale, he heard shouting. The dragon seemed to grow scared and quickly turned to get away from more humans. His massive tail slashed against Kale's chest, knocking him to the ground. The wind was knocked out of him as he landed on his back. He lifted his head, but the beast was gone. He ran a hand softly over his chest, as it hurt to touch it. He had four large gash marks in him. As he looked at his hand, it was covered in blood. Right before he blacked out, he heard voices and footsteps of Dartanian, the females and some other voices he couldn't recognize.

((You can either choose to be the female he falls in love with, a helpful friend who doesn't believe his story, or you can be someone that hates Kale.. Doesn't really matter. This is completely open and more than 1 person may join... like a mass multi-player RP!!!! Anyways, hope you likes it!!! Have fun!))
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The Dragon Riders of Alkalai - (OPEN - Mature)
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