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 Revenge For The Soul (Open~Mature)

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PostSubject: Revenge For The Soul (Open~Mature)   Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:55 pm

Many years ago in the land of Azeroth, there was two continents divided by water, Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. The humans decided they were the superior race and attacked the Orc main city, Orgrimmar. Many lost their lives, but the war continued. Soon it spread over the other races, causing them to choose sides. With most Alliance forces living on Eastern Kingdoms, there were two races left on Kalimdor. They were the Night Elves and Draenai. They both lived north above the Barrens, disconnected from the rest of Azeroth. There they stayed, minding their own business for years. Many of the Night Elf elders spoke of Warriors, Hunters, Rogues, Druids, Mages, and Priests leaving Darnassus and crossing the massive body of water to aid the humans in their cause.
Tolar had always been curious of the Horde factions. He had heard stories stories of the great walls surrounding Orgrimmar, the beautiful beaches of the Darkspear Tribe, various levels of Thunder Bluff, the death-striken lands of Undercity, and the colorful setting of Silvermoon City. He had heard timeless tales of Hunter giving their lives to keep the Horde from attacking the humans in the great city of Stormwind. He wished to someday shoot his arrows into the heart of an orc. He sighed as he rested his arms on the window frame. Staring out at the tree houses around him, he began to zone out. Keal aggressively bumped his elbow, forcing Tolar to lose balance and fall to the floor. He looked up at his feline friend and smiled.
"Keal, you silly little Night Stalker. I am sorry I got distracted." Keal growled and lovingly nudged his head against his master's. His sandpaper-like tongue slid up the Tolar's cheek. Tolar laughed as he grabbed the scruff behind Keal's head and pulled him down on top of him. Then a knock came to the door. Keal jumped to his feet and growled viciously at the front door. Tolar stood up and patted his companion's head. "Settle down. It's alright." He walked to the door, and opened it seeing the light blue skinned female, Elora.
"Were you sleeping again? Trainer Koji is waiting for you as always!" Tolar laughed as he grabbed his backpack and walked out the door. He turned to face the inside of his house, "come Keal." Keal ran right past Elora and walked alongside his master. "Come on Elora, you are already late!" he exclaimed as he started running for class. Elora followed Tolar and Keal closely. She whistled for her trained companion, Myla the owl. The two hunters made their way to training.
Many moons passed and the hunters grew wise in their training. Tolar stared into the sky as he waited for the Hippogryphs to be prepared for flight. Elora smiled and slapped his back, "don't worry! We will be back soon!" Tolar nodded his head. He took a deep breath and mounted the feathered beast. Before Tolar had a tight grip on the reins, the hippogryph took flight. He quickly wrapped his arms around the beast's neck, holding on for dear life. Tolar squeezed his eyes closed as tight as he could. 'Yeah, my first flight is so awesome,' he thought to himself. Finally the feathered creatures talons rested on the wooden planks of the dock. "Welcome to Darkshore," said the female Night Elf. Talor opened his eyes and smiled at her, as he slid off the hippogryph. He whistled for Keal. Elora laughed as she ran to Tolar's side and wrapped her arm around his. She pulled him towards the inn. Keal followed them closely.
Months passed and Talor started getting curious. He would stare off into the sky and just start dreaming. Elora nudged him, "wake up day dreamer!" she shouted. Talor snapped out of it and smiled at his childhood best friend. "Race you!" she called as she was already mounted on her nightsaber and heading towards Azshara. Tolar laughed and quickly mounted his white striped nightsaber and followed after her. Not long after they started racing, Elora completely froze. Talor stopped instinctively and called to her, "hey are you alright?" But there was no reply. Within a matter of seconds she was on the ground and her mount fled into the wilds around them. Talor dismounted and whistled for Keal. Keal stood next to him, growling with anger. Tolar's head turned from side to side, trying to find the culprit as he slowly approached his friend. Soon he would find his answer. He heard a loud scream coming from Elora. He stared right down her direction on the dirt path. Above her beautiful night elf body, was a hunched over boned freak. Rogue. "Get away from her!" he yelled as he started running towards Elora. The freak turned and gave him a strange stare that must have meant a smile, since the undead creature had no bottom jaw. Before Talor or Keal could attack, the rogue vanished as if in thin air. Tolar yelled for the rogue to attack him as well, but it was no use. He gave up as he heard Elora calling for him. He ran to her side and dropped to his knees. He picked up her torso and held it up close to him. Her midnight blue eyes stared deeply into his emerald green ones. "You are a dear friend Talor. I was very lucky in my life to have you." She closed her eyes. Talor shook her gently, "don't talk like that! I will get you back and the priests, they will fix you." She opened her eyes and laughed softly. "Tolar, this is it." She stared deeply into his eyes, as the life was slipping from her. "I love you," she whispered and her life was no more. Tolar held her close to him and cried over her dead body. His tears drenched her silver hair and his cries scared the wildlife around them. He slowly placed her on the ground and stared at his blood-stained hands. Keal was still on the prowl, slowly walking around his master, watching for the enemy.
Word of Elora's death spread throughout the Night Elf community, but what could they do? Tolar didn't have a good description of the monster that took her life and for all the Night Elves knew, there may be over one million Undead rogues. It would be nearly impossible to find that specific rogue, without losing tons of lives in the process. Knowing that nobody would do anything, Tolar started packing his things, gearing up, and preparing for his journey to the land of the dead in search for any rogue to slay until he found the one that took his best friend's life. He packed supplies on his mount and headed towards the Barrens. He had heard about a city called Ratchet, which was owned by Goblins, had a boat from Kalimdor to Eastern Kingdoms, where the Undead lived. He was determined. He could not lose. He would not die. He would take revenge for his friend.

((I am looking for someone to be on the opposing faction... HORDE... If you have ever played World Of Warcraft, this is an adaptation I have created and yeah... I don't care what race you choose to have Tolar fall in love with and it doesn't have to Straight, it can be Yoai as well... I really have no preference... If you need to choose your race, I have this nifty like you can check out and you can always ask me if you have any questions!))
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PostSubject: Re: Revenge For The Soul (Open~Mature)   Sat Mar 05, 2011 3:51 pm


Rhyna shifted on the soft bed, her arms stretching above her in an attempt to wake her sleeping muscles. Today she was supposed to learn a new spell from her trainer. Excited she flung the blankets off, ignoring the chill that caressed her naked flesh. She quickly donned her robes, admiring the delicate feel of the newly bought fabric. She had made the robe by hand, careful in its design. She wanted to wear something that would make her stand out and what better way to do that then to create it yourself. A knock sounded on the door and before she could yell at them to go away, the door opened to reveal her best friend, Talon.
“Now what if I had been the enemy? Were you planning on seducing them with your body and then killing them?” The light green eyes danced with mischief and Rhyna threw a wooden brush at him before slipping the robe on, liking the way it clung to her slender frame. “You know, you didn’t have to throw a brush at me!”
“Yes I did, otherwise you would have kept going on and on about random shit. Now, why did you come to bug me so early? Aren’t you supposed to be on patrol?” She moved about the room, gathering her equipment as she spoke. Her soft blond hair was twisted into a quick ponytail before she turned towards her friend, who now stood directly behind her. “Yah, back up!”
“You weren’t listening were you?” She hadn’t been and he knew it. “Oh well, you trainer is looking for you and yelled at me to get you up. Something about a new spell and he was leaving soon”
Rhyna gasped in exasperation and dashed past Talon who was chuckling to himself. How could he have kept such information to himself for so long? Especially when he knew how important this spell was to her. It had taken her months to convince her trainer too finally agree to teach it to her. The stairs seemed to take forever as she ran, but she made it in time. Her trainer stood at the crossway waiting for her.
“Hurry, Rhyna, I’d like to have this done before night fall.” Would it really take all day? Undeterred by the sudden announcement, Rhyna followed her trainer into the woods. The travel wasn’t long but they were hindered by lynxes. Finally, they came to an opening in the trees and she began to learn that which she had since she was little. “I’ll head back to the village, you practice as long as you want. Don’t forget that you have to travel to Ratchet tomorrow.”
“I haven’t I’ll return before the moon comes out.” With a small smile to her trainer, Rhyna turned her attention to using her newly acquired spell, well practicing mostly. Time passed and by the time Rhyna returned to her senses, the moon was well into the sky. “Crap”
She raced through the forest, her feet barely whispering as she ran, dodging forest dwellers as she went. Soon the familiar glow of lamps penetrated the darkness and she was in her village. Talon stood in the cross way, his back to her. Smiling, Rhyna walked up behind him and tapped his shoulder.
“What do you want?” Talon snapped in annoyance. Rhyna let out a huff and smiled when he turned. “YOU”
“Me, what are you doing out here and not asleep? You have to patrol tomorrow.” She pulled him with her so they could walk towards the sleeping buildings.
“I was waiting on someone who said they would be back before the moon was in the sky.” Rhyna shook her head as they made their way to their respective rooms, each had to be up early.

Rhyna stared at the city in wonder, never had she seen so many different races. She wandered off into the city, unsure were t
o go first.
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Revenge For The Soul (Open~Mature)
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