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 Ash's Adventure Home (Mature/Open)

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PostSubject: Ash's Adventure Home (Mature/Open)   Thu Mar 10, 2011 2:49 am

Ash had been wandering on his journey for a very long time. Years had passed since he had last been to Pallet town, the place where his mother still lived. He decided after such a long journey that he would return to say hello and share his stories with her. Now in his mid twenty's he was happy to see his old town. Pidgeot landed them right in front of his mother's house. As he walked inside, there his mother was, like she knew he was coming. She ran to Ash and wrapped her arms around him tightly. "Oh Ash, I missed you so much!" she cried as she held her baby boy. He laughed and hugged his mother back. "Everyone will be so happy to see you. Especially Misty. She always talks about you." Ash smiled. "Misty huh?" His mother nodded and then started pushing him towards the door. "Hurry, you may be able to catch her at the Gym still. She doesn't leave for another hour or so." Ash smiled and shook his head. He did want to see Misty, but he wasn't sure how she would react. They had a falling out when May joined their team. But Ash decided it was for the best.

He mounted Pidgeot and flew to the Gym where Misty worked. As he dismounted, he stared at the Gym. "Just as I remembered it." He walked into the doors. The greeter smiled and was going to give him some information, but as soon as he noticed it was Ash, he covered his mouth with his hands. Ash smiled and continued on. Two trainers tried to fight him, but he flashed his Badge collection and they backed off. Finally he made it to Misty. She was so beautiful, just as he remembered her. "Misty is that you?" he asked as she turned to face him. "Ash Ketchum, is that you?" she asked. Ash nodded his head and smiled at her. Misty came racing down the steps to see him. When she got to him, she looked him up and down. She smiled and then sent her hand flying across his face. "That's for ditching me for the ditz!"

She started to walk back to her seat, but Ash grabbed her arm. "Please Misty, think of the old times. I want to make it up to you." Misty turned around and stared at him, her arms crossed over her chest. "What do you want?" Ash smiled and tilted his head to the side, "a battle of course." Misty chuckled and then stared at him, "what do you want if you win?" Ash looked around the gym and then back at Misty. I want to have you as we did millions of times when Brock wasn't around, or when we found a quiet place, just you and I." Misty sighed and then turned her head from him, "Ash, you betrayed me. How can I forgive you?" she asked.
Ash stared at her and placed a hand on her face and turned it towards him. "Please Misty, my beautiful Princess." She stared deeply into his eyes and smirked, "you know I hate it when you call me that." Ash smiled and then grabbed a pokeball from his belt. He threw it onto the floor and out popped Pikachu. The lightning mouse saw Misty and called in glee, "Pika pi!" as he ran to her. Misty held Pikachu and kissed his cheek. "I missed you too Pikachu!" Pikachu jumped down and Ash looked at his previous lover. "Let's do this!" Misty stood in her favorite pose and tossed her pokeball before Ash. "Starme, I choose you!" Ash smiled and then exclaimed, "ladies first!" Misty smiled and then shouted, "Starme, bubble beam!" Pikachu watched as the Starme shot out a bunch of bubbles and dodged them all. "Pikachu, thunderbolt!" Pikachu charged his cheeks and released a large amount of light over the Starme. There was no running for the sea star. Ash looked up at Misty and smiled, "Next Pokemon?" Misty smiled and shook her head, "return Starme". The Pokemon went back into the pokeball and she walked close to Ash, pressing her chest against his. "Follow me", she said to him and turned towards a hidden door.

Ash followed her with glee. He put Pikachu back into the pokeball and started undoing his pants. When they were alone int he room, it was completely dark. Misty clapped her hands twice. Lights slowly came on, like the glow of a candle. There was a giant bed in the middle of the room, shaped like a heart. Misty walked over to the bed and got on her hands and knees. She stared at Ash and smiled, "so Doggie style, cowgirl, or missionary?" Ash smiled as his pants dropped to the floor. Soon his shirt laid next to it. Dressed in just his boxers, he proceeded forward. "I was thinking maybe a little eat out session first?" Misty laughed and turned her rear to face him, turning her head to him, "come get some". Ash walked towards the edge of the bed and started stripping Misty of her clothes. He only took off her pants, leaving her thong and shirt on. His hands coursed up her sides, feeling her amazing curves. "Oh Misty, I have missed you so much," he said as he started to caress her bare skin, removing her shirt. Misty turned to face Ash, dressed in bra and thong. She wrapped her arms around his neck, and looked deep into his eyes. "You only made me wait forever for you to come back."

Ash kissed her passionately, just s they did in the Veridian forest the first time. She kissed him back just as passionately. His hands coursed to her back, and unstrapped her bra. He pulled away from her for just a second. She removed her arms from his neck and let them hang, forcing the bra to slid right off. Ash stared at her exposed breasts. "Just as amazing as I remember," he whispered. "Oh Ash," she replied as he started caressing them with his hands. He kissed her neck, groping and squeezing her beautiful breasts. He tweaked the nipples a bit and bit down on her neck. She started to moan and could feel herself getting wet. "I am ready Ash," she whispered. Ash smile and ignored her as his mouth moved to her nipples. He lapped them up, licking and sucking. He tried putting the whole thing in his mouth, but they were too big and too amazing to do so. She moaned and tilted her head backwards. "Oh Ash, please, I am begging you." Ash released her breasts and helped her turn around. Misty rested her forearms on the mattress, ass raised in the air. Ash rubbed her moist pussy through the thong. "You are so wet Misty."

Misty nodded her head and whispered, "take me. Make me yours..." Ash grabbed the thin material and moved it over to the side. Now he could clearly see her lips, calling to him. With his thumb, he started rubbing them, feeling the wet coming from deep within. "Oh Misty, I can't wait to taste you.." Misty moaned hearing him say those words, "please do it now.." Ash bent down a little so he could reach her sweet spot. He stuck out his tongue and started licking her dripping pussy. She moaned in excitement as she felt his warm tongue against her. He continued to lick and suck her as one hand started fingering her. She moaned more than before. "Do you want it?" he asked her. She moaned and nodded her head, "yes, oh please." Ash shook his head, "no, you have to really beg." Misty moaned and whined, "oh please Ash, please shove you cock into me. I want it so badly." Ash smiled and chuckled a little, "yes, that's a good princess. I will gave it to you since you are being so good."

Ash moved back from her and stood up on the floor. He grabbed her ass and pulled it closer to him. He quickly thrust his dick into her warm and moist pussy. With each slow thrust he went deeper and deeper. Misty started to scream from enjoyment. "Oh Ash, you are so big. Don't stop, I beg you." Ash continued to plow into her, feeling her walls tighten around his dick. "Come on Misty, you can beg better than that." Misty moaned, feeling her get to her own climax. "Oh Ash, please please please, don't stop fucking me. Fuck me harder, and deeper, I beg you. Oh please Ash, make me cum all over your cock." Ash smiled. "Good girl," he said as he obeyed her. He thrust deeper and harder than he was previously. She screamed as she came all over his hard dick. "Oh my god!" Warm juices rushed over him and he was about to bust. "Oh yeah, amazing Misty, my princess." He kept thrusting and then finally pulled his dick out and skeeted on her back. The semen shot up her spine, almost reaching her hair. She laid down on the bed and Ash found a towel to clean the semen off with. He cleaned her back and then laid down in bed next to her. They faced each other and started kissing deeply. "I missed you Ash, please don't leave me again?" Ash smiled and whispered back to her, "I promise I won't leave."

((Looking for anyone to join. You can be any character from Pokemon series, and yes, you can fuck anyone you want.. They just have to be from the show at any point... I made them older, so your characters have to be older, like mid 20's at least))
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Ash's Adventure Home (Mature/Open)
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