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 Conquered Love (Open/Mature)

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PostSubject: Conquered Love (Open/Mature)   Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:32 am

Ling bit his tongue as he tilted his head to the side as he stared at the canvas. Before him lay the most adorable baby neko kittens playing with their mom, something was missing though. Perplexed, Ling set the palette down, careful not to spill any of his colors. He touched a finger to his lips, glaring at the painting as if that would give him the answer to his perplexity. His ears tilted backwards as he thought, staring at the two little boys. They were twins, both with dark sandy blonde hair and beautiful sky blue hues that shined with innocents. They were the same thing with different colors. The one tugging on his mother’s raven black hair wore a green t-shirt and blue jean shorts. The one laying on his mother’s lap, his eyes falling closed as he drifted away from reality, wore a white t-shirt with lettering too small to make out and cotton grey shorts. The mother smiled down at the one sleeping as if favoring him. One would think she didn’t care for the other twin if not for the hand that was stroking his hair, ignoring the tugging he was doing.

A knock on the door snapped him out of his reprieve, and he cursed rather loudly at whoever was on the other side. Wiping blue strands out of his face, painting his own face unknowingly, he opened the door with a smile only to frown and slam the door shut.

“HEY! WHAT WAS THAT FOR?” The person let himself or herself in, glaring at the artist.

“I’m working, abscond.” He walked back to the painting, still in perplexity as to what was missing.

“I’m sorry, but abscond? Could you use words that society knows today?”

Ling start, having gone back into the world of his painting. Sighing, he turned towards the intrusion in his life at that moment in time. His best friend, Lance, glared at him with his hands on his hips. His soft brown hair disheveled as if he had run to Ling’s apartment. He wore his usual t-shirt with the band he was listening to for the week and torn jeans. The soft grey hues were throwing a storm at him as the other continued to glare at him, as he remained quiet, studying the other. He had the sudden urge to draw his only friend.

“Don’t move.” He ordered, smirking as the other narrowed his gaze yet remained unmoving. Ling quickly grabbed paper and pencil before quickly sketching the sight before him. The pencil moved easily as he had randomly sketched Lance numerous times before. His orange hues, which Lance always said looked like sunsets, scanning his model and the picture, erasing and touching up here and there. He finally finished and smiled as he felt he had captured the moment perfectly. “Want to see what I drew?”

Lance came over, ruffling Ling’s hair as he leaned down to look at the drawing. “Wow, did I really look so hot?”

Ling rolled his eyes as he gently shoved the other away from him. He made his way over to his sleeping area, which consisted of a messy king sized bed. His house wasn’t much really, just one room with all the things a house needs in it. His sleeping area was up a few stairs above the rest of the floor and surrounded by canvases of various sizes. His bed was almost never made and always messy. In the living room area there was a couch against the wall with more canvases, the table was covered in paintings along with brushes and other various painting equipment. There was a TV somewhere in the mass pile of junk along with the newest console and games. The kitchen was a dip in the floor that had one step going into it. White linoleum spanned the floor, matching the white walls and black fridge rather well. The floor was a dark wood and the walls were white.

“Hey, Ling, how come in every picture there are always two little boys and a mother yet no father?” The adult inquired gently as he studied the painting.

Ling looked over to see Lance studying his unfinished painting and shrugged, forgetting the other wasn’t looking at him. “I suppose it could reflect on the past I can’t remember or it’s just something I like to draw. Not every family has happy parents like yours does Lance.”

“I know that, it’s just if this is a memory of your past what happened to your twin?” Lance had made his way towards the steps and was laying his head on the floor of the sleeping area.

“Lance, if I knew that I wouldn’t be alone in this apartment. Now, you didn’t come for a social visit. What’s bothering you?” Ling asked, sitting on the bed, easily switching the topic of conversation from him.

“Why do you always know when something’s bothering me?” Ling smiled at the genuine curiosity in the other’s smoky hues.

“I just know you.” Lance seemed to accept the statement, not that it wasn’t true. Ling knew Lance very well and had been friends with him little over a year, yet he could tell when Lance was bothered by something. He never questioned the intuition.

“You remember that girl I was telling you about, the one who was basically having sex with me in the café? She called again, drunk, begging me to come have a threesome with her and another chick. It’s starting to bug me. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I would have done it in a heartbeat ….if only it had been in a different situation. I don’t want to be used for sex.” Lance gave a sad smile, in awe of the irony. Two chicks wanted him to screw them and he had said no.

“What’s wrong with you? You’ve had sex before so it’s not like your saving that for anyone extraordinary.” Ling moved off the bed so he was lying on his stomach eye level with Lance, his own tail and ears perking at the mention of sex. “Want to get your wits off of them, right? Why not go to the store and buy some alcohol.”

Lance smirked reaching up to ruffle Ling’s hair before turning to leave. Ling watched his friend leave, sighing as the door shut. He was never going to have sex, not if it meant the pain he saw in his best friend. He stayed on the floor, dozing off and on until another knock on the door startled him awake.

Rubbing the sand out of his eyes, he stumbled towards the door and opened it, thinking it was Lance.

“Why didn’t you just come in?” he mumbled, still rubbing his eyes to wake up. He looked up when he wasn’t tackled into a hug. “Who are you and what do you want?” His tone turning from friendly to hostile instantly.

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Conquered Love (Open/Mature)
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