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 Andre Sabor

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PostSubject: Andre Sabor   Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:26 pm

A young man of eighteen walks from a school well known to house the criminally insane. His long hair was lose at the moment as he looked to the sky. A person close to him stared not realizing till now his eyes were two different colors. He looks over at the person smiling as they laughed a little.


They smile shaking their heads, wondering how this kid ended up here. He watches them leave knowing they were a new person to the school. Most people here knew how he had come to be placed in the school.

"Looks like it is time to head home....goody..."

He turns around ready to leave as a few students walked up to him. One of the guys pushed him against the wall of the school yard. When he leant down Andre tried to move away from the guy. The guys smirked as pinning him in, they wanted to toy with the kind killer.

"Come on Andre...don't you want to play with us?"

The boy who pinned Andre gripped his shirt ripping it open. Andre grabbed his wrist as pushing him down, moving quickly before another could grab him.
"Look...I don't want to fight any of you right now."

"To bad sweetheart of the killers."

He sighed as one boy came from his left, he sent an elbow into his face, shattering the jaw of the boy. Andre was annoyed now as looking to the other boys.

"Fine you want to fight remember you brought this onto yourselves."

Andre goes head long at the guys as receiving a few punches to his side. He smiles as sending the next boy to the ground, kicking his face, bashing at it till blood was gushing down. He looks over to the other boys as they start to run off. His face covered with a few cuts and a bruise was forming.

" time just leave me alone."

He looked to his shirt and sighed, the school was going to chew him out for this one. His pale toned chest showed half way as he picked up his backpack. Andre walks down the road towards an old cathedral, his face hung low as passing it. This was the road his mother died on in the car crash...aka the assassination on. He sighs as walking to a huge house just placing his stuff on a couch. Andre goes and changes his clothes into a tight pair of leather pants and no shirt heading outside.
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Andre Sabor
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