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 Position of Power (Private, Mature, Yuri)

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PostSubject: Position of Power (Private, Mature, Yuri)   Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:13 am

First Year

    "The beholder is a mythical creature that first appeared in English literature in the sixteenth century. Their appearance was distinct from other monsters because they had no arms or legs and appeared to be a giant head covered in tentacles. At the end of each of these tentacles was an eye, and there was one huge eye on the actual head of the monster. With these eyes, the beholder could see anything from anywhere in the world. They could look into people's souls or see the world through their eyes," Ayumu told her classmates in a soft tone. Her green eyes jumped around the room nervously, not directly meeting anyone's gaze. She was a timid thing. Always had been, and everyone assumed that she always would be. "It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you think about it in reference to the mythological beast, there are two meanings that can be taken away from that. First is that beauty is in everything and everywhere. No matter where you look, you will see beauty...The second is that only something truly hideous can truly admire beauty."

    Ayumu finished her speech, just in time for the bell to ring. Glancing at the teacher, she couldn't tell whether the old man was impressed or indifferent. It didn't really matter, because she was certain she had done stellar on the written part of the exam. She always did better on the written part.

    Going to her desk, she gathered her things, not oblivious to the way that her classmates were looking at her. It made her uncomfortable and unhappy. She had always been the odd one out when it came to people her own age. Her mother was sheltering. Her father was a nut that had been locked up when she was fourteen years old. The combination made her weird. That was proof enough when she was given an assignment to write about an odd duo and chose beauty with the beholder, rather than something more feminine, more realistic, like her classmates.

    Sighing and accepting (not for the first time) that she wasn't normal, Ayumu headed for the door, slipping past the throng of her classmates in the silent hope that they wouldn't say or do anything. There was no such luck. Ryo, the figurehead of her abuse, grabbed her shoulder to stop her. Smirking at her, he asked her, "So is that your excuse?"

    "Excuse?" she replied, confused, even as she silently chanted in her mind, 'Shut up. Leave me alone. Shut up. Leave me alone.'

    "For being so damn ugly," he elaborated with a laugh. "Is it so you can see the beauty in others better?"

    The line would have almost been considered deep, if it weren't for the fact that it was only aimed to hurt. With a flinch, she turned her face away, wishing it didn't hurt, wishing that she hadn't adored him only a few months ago, wishing someone would step up and say she wasn't ugly, wishing, wishing, wishing even though she knew that it was in vain.

    "Ryo, don't say things like that." Hearing the worlds she had been wishing for, Ayumu looked over with shock. Seeing her homeroom teacher, she flushed with happiness. As the teacher farther berated her peers, Ayumu couldn't help but smile, at least a little bit. She had never been so happy before.

Fourth Year

    She had changed. Over the summer, her body had finished growing, now possessing all the curves a woman should have, her face had thinned, looking more mature and confident, and her personality had blossomed, somewhere between assertive and challenging. Two years ago, Ayumu had stopped being the timid little girl everyone bullied and she just said quietly. Now she was bold, arrogant even. If someone spoke badly towards her, she returned it with passion. If anyone hurt her, she beat them eagerly. She had never taken the step towards being a bully, but she had kept all of her abusers away.

    Now, she was starting her finally year of high school. Afterwards, she would go to a medical school, where she hoped to study to become a pediatrician. Up until a few years ago, she had wanted to be a science history major, but now she knew that her dreams lay elsewhere. All of the changes were thanks to her homeroom teacher. Just by standing up for her, the woman had changed her life for the better...but Ayumu's feelings for her didn't stop at just gratitude. In fact, her feelings for her teacher were the reason for her complete change in attitude. Over the summer, she had realized that this was her last year with her beloved teacher, and she was going to make it count.

    As the class filed in for home room, she sat up front as she always had. The first time she had done it, it was to hopefully protect herself from bullies. Eventually, it had been because she just wanted to be near her teacher. Sitting at the same desk she had sat at for years, she gazed at the door intently, waiting for the moment that her teacher would walk in.


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Position of Power (Private, Mature, Yuri)
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