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 Heaven's Here.

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PostSubject: Heaven's Here.   Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:27 am

"How much longer do I have to sit here looking foolish?"

"Just a little longer~"

"People are starting to stare..."

"Let them stare~"

"Can't I at least zip up my pants?"

"Mm mm..."

" want me to suffer don't you?"

"Mm hmm~"

"Why did I even make a bet with you..."

"Cause you wanted to see me naked~"

"Just because thats what you were supposed to do when you lost doesn't mean thats what I wanted!"

"Hehehe~ Sure it's not."

" look here comes my coach, what do you think he's going to say about this?"

It was a dream come true for Natu. Kiba, the sexiest and most desired male in the entire school-star of his sports team- and close friend of the mischevious child had lost a bet to him! He was actually laying in Kiba's lap while having him on a leash! Dear lord, this couldn't be any better unless he pulled the handsome male into a kiss! Of course he couldn't do that. That wasn't in the dare, and he couldn't let his friend figure out that he wasn't straight. Of course if Kiba didn't figure it out by now, he never would. Even now as he laid his head on Kiba's lap with his eyes closed, playing with the leash that connected to the leather collar around his neck, with Kiba's pants unzipped and the two of them on the bench in the hallway for everybody to see on a saturday afternoon right outside their dorm room, Natu felt completely content and triumphant!

Kiba's coach walked by, took one look, then blinked like he really didn't want to know. "Loose a bet there Kiba?" The dark haired male flushed with embaressment and looked away from his coach.

"Thats right~ I beat him at arm wrestling."

"WHAT!??! A scrawny little shrimp like you?" The coach bellowed in laughter.


"But you cheated!" Kiba protested with a whine.

"Yup!" Natu said proudly in response to Kiba's cries. The coach continued to laugh while walking away, unable to believe his ears.

"You didn't have to go telling him..." Kiba groaned.

"No, but I did anyway." Natu shifted slightly before tugging the collar down a bit. Kiba reluctently leaned down so he was barely above the mischvious male. "What are you going to do about it?" The alburn haired male giggled as his dancing emerald hues closed merrily. His tone was so innocent, it was hard to be able to stay mad at him. Kiba pouted slightly, unable to answer that question in his own mind.

"You know I'm going to get you back, and it's going to be far worse then this thing you're pulling right now." He tried to say to strike fear into the heart of the adorable teen who was only two years younger then he was.

"Mmmmm~ that depends on if I cheat again now doesn't it?" Natu giggled merrily before giving Kiba eskimo kisses. Most guys would figure that Natu would do that just to be annoying in a situation like this. The emerald hued boy figured Kiba would be one of those guys, but to his suprise Kiba didn't pull away from the nuzzle. Instead he just staired intently at the kid.

"I'm serious. I'll get you back Natu, that cute face isn't going to protect you forever."

"Hehe~ How do you know?" Natu loosened the leash so Kiba could sit up again. His watch started beeping which caused the brunette to frown. He looked at the clock before sighing. "Alright, you can zip up your pants and button your shirt back up, the clock says it's been an hour of this torment for you." Natu giggled while unhooking the collar from around Kiba's neck. "Want it as a souveneer?" Natu asked teasingly.

"Gemme that." Kiba snatched the leash and collar away. "I say we have a rematch." He grumbled while zipping his pants back up.
"Nah, I don't want to play that game anymore." Natu said cooly while putting his hands behind his head before just walking off.

"SCARED!?!?" Kiba called back mockingly which caused Natu to stand still.

"How bout.... a staring contest?" Natu spun around on his heel with a giggle. "What happens if you win?"

(Parenthesis!: I need a Kiba. He doesn't have to be the guy in the picture, but Natu's had a crush on him for a rather long time and they're in college. Kiba's in his last year, Natu has one left to go since even though he's two years younger then Kiba. Mature~)

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Heaven's Here.
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