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 What's sad is this is Routine C:

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PostSubject: What's sad is this is Routine C:    Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:43 am

"H-Hadyn what the hell are you doing!?" Prisoners.

"A little bit of hotsauce, or, maybe the whole bottle with a pinch of poison oak ground up into the mix, an extra kick never hurt anyone." The two had been prisoners for as long as they could remember.

"Hadyn, please you're going to get in trouble again he might kill you this time! A-and you know he's allergic to poisonous oak!" And Hadyn was sick of it.

"Muyuki, Muyuki, Myuki," With a wave of his hand and a flick to the left, with a gleam in his eye and a grin of mischief Hadyn pat his brother's head while setting down the life sized hot sauce bottle that reached four feet above his own head. "This so called demon can do whatever he wishes to me, though I am not to do as I wish with him in return?" He questioned in that smooth, smooth tone of his. With a stroke of his twin's chin and a dubious giggle Hadyn cleared his throat and pressed a hand to his heart as though he were about to pelage of elegance to some thing. With a bow of his head and a bent knee that knelt to the floor he uttered a phrase "It's only fair, ice cream with poisonous hot sauce for a demon who could hold you in his hand, or," His hues became murderous though the smile playing upon his face was still as mischievous and playful as ever. "would you prefer him getting bored and eating us like he did those other children?"

- * - * - * - * -8- * - * - * - * -

Hard rock music buzzed along with the twitter of an alarm clock. Muyuki moaned softly and tried to burry his head into his pillow while groggily awakening from his reminiscent memories of years ago when he and his brother, Hadyn, in days past. “Would you turn off the alarm clock, puuuulllleeease!” He snarled his plea from under his pillow. Nothing. With a glare from the cotton white Muyuki peered to his brother’s bed, a messy tussle of empty sheets and a comforter clinging to the edge of the bed while slumping most of itself onto the floor, almost as though it were kneeling and praying at it’s bed side. Muyuki rumbled in his throat while cursing that brother of his. The alarm clock was on Hadyn’s dresser, such a long journey! Grumbling bitterly, Muyuki left the comfort of his own bed and moved towards the alarm clock. He picked it up and moved an arm over his head, extending his index finger to push the bright silver button at the center of the digital re-mastered piece of junk that was once a ‘Betty-Boop’ memorabilia. “What a charming little alarm clock he’s created…tinkering here and there to make it play songs, despite the fact that he’s never here to actually listen to sed wake up song… Hmm…” Muyuki spun towards the window and pulled the curtain’s apart before lifting the glass. A bitter cool wind kissed his bare chest and chilled the rest of his naked body instantly. The sky was cloudy today…incredibly cloudy… and look, traffic? “Oops,” Muyuki giggled while tossing the alarm clock over his shoulder with enough force to knock it directly into the middle of the street. It didn’t occur to him that he could have smashed a car window or caused several accidents, and luckily no one had been harmed in the destruction of the discomforting object with the exception of the object in question.

Muyuki slowly moved to the dresser and picked out a pair of tight fitting jean kaprees and a white sleeveless shirt, followed by a yellow scarf, his favorite yellow scarf. He set these items down on his bed and moved towards the bathroom they shared, kicking
Hadyn’s carelessly tossed pajama bottoms aside. He turned on the chilling water, not bothering with the warm since it did nothing for him, and pushed a hand through his hair. Upon exiting the bathroom fifteen minutes later with a towel rubbing against the side of his head Muyuki twitched in irritance. Hadyn wasn’t here. Muyuki’s footsteps moved across the craptastic carpet floor as he slipped his cell phone into his hands from the nightstand closest to his side of the bed. With one hand he easily moved the towel around his waste while his opposite thumb flipped the phone open and pressed the speed dial number 2. “Where are you?”

“Livin it up. Unlike some people, I can’t afford to waste my life away in bed waiting for the fun to come to me.” Haydn chuckled while glaring playfully to the man with a gun pressed against his head. His white long sleeved button down shirt clung to his body, drenched, as was his red coat and black loose form fitting jeans.

“What are you talking about?”

“Sorry Muyuki, I’ve got better things to do then hear you bitch.”

“Hadyn! I know that tone, don’t you dare hang up on me!”

Click. Chuckling pleasantly as he clipped the phone shut Hadyn held out his arms at either side and tilted his head to the left.
“As you were boys,” Hadyn cooed. One of the men twitched and smashed a bat into Hadyn’s back, knocking him to his knees and the phone far from his hand. “I’ve had just about enough of your shit.” The one with the gun stomped on his hand with a bitter hiss causing Hadyn to let out a cry. “Now, I’m going to put a bullet through your pretty little head if you don’t tell us where you hid the book.” The red head male’s shoulders trembled as though he were crying however all too soon the sound of laughter emitted from his lips getting louder and louder. The one with the gun glared and kicked Hadyn to his back, watching the male hold his stomach in laughter. In a fluid like motion the man moved to stratel Hadyn’s hips and pressed the barrel into Hadyn’s mouth while gripping his hair roughly and jerking it to the side, “Listen—very—carefully.” He said slowly so Hadyn’s didn’t miss a beat. “I am giving you to the count of three to do something useful, or, you will die. Do you understand me Hadyn?” The man pulled the gun from his mouth. “HEY!” He bashed the gun against the side of Hadyn’s face since Hadyn had yawned in boredom. “Do—you—understand—me?” Hadyn oofed slightly and spit out a tooth along with a decent amount of blood. “Ooh, nasty.” He chuckled before glancing to the man. “No, I don’t think you understand me. I’m the only one who knows where the book is, and I’m the only one who knows how to get it. If you ask me, I’d say you’re making a terrible mistake assuming you can find it when I’ve gone necrophilia.”The man twitched grimly before stepping off of Hadyn. “Get him out of my sight, do what ya gotta do to make him talk.” The man with the gun said before two others came to Hadyn’s side and grabbed his arms. Hadyn let out a cry as he was smashed into a wall before having his wrists tied behind his back. “Yah, tie me up why don’t you. Don’t even think about asking what it would take for me to help you, how unreasonable you all are.” Haydn giggled merrily. “Shut it shrimp.” The stronger of the two said while applying a little extra force to Hadyn’s head causing the crimson haired male to wince and chuckle a little more. And to think, I could’ve been at that concert now. He thought to himself as he was shoved out the door and thrown in a trunk. “The boss said do what it takes to make him talk.” One of the two men said to the driver. “That means he stays alive, at least till we have the book in our possession. Got it?”

Meanwhile inside Hadyn’s phone was going off like crazy. The man with the gun picked it up, glancing to the name ‘Muyuki’ on the caller ID. He flipped the phone open and held it to his ear. “Hadyn’s unavailable, I suggest you only call this number if you’re interested in joining him.” He flipped the phone closed.

Muyuki sat listening to the dial tone with wide eyes. His heart was pounding against his chest, a tear or two trickled down his cheeks. Quickly he scrambled to put his clothes on before running down to the police station as fast as his little legs could carry him. What trouble had Hadyn gotten himself into now? And with whom? Well, he actually had a pretty good idea of who was on the other side of the phone so that wasn’t a problem.. Before arriving, Muyuki realized... the police were pretty fucking useless right now. It wasn't like they would believe his story, let alone waste time helping him. Swiftly he whipped out his phone and began calling every contact in the list since they had known him and Hadyn and physically experianced thier situation. There had to be someone who would be wiling to help.

(Parenthesis!: I need two characters! A detective/police officer/ cool nomad type who will help Muyuki locate Hadyn AND I need a demon or hell bitten type who’s trying to torment Hadyn only to realize they like his spunk. The book, for the demon people, is a book that has all these curses and things that can open hell’s gates and release this dark army and all. The demon guy who’s tormenting Hadyn knows about it, but he doesn’t know everything because he’s been lied to and all… PLEASE JOIN! Mature, open, it's gonna get crazy.)

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What's sad is this is Routine C:
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