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 Broken Souls (Private, Mature)

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PostSubject: Broken Souls (Private, Mature)   Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:16 pm

Darius H. Hunts
Age: 22 (October 28)
Occupation: Bouncer (loves to fight)
Hobbies: Preforming metal music (base or guitar)
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      Darius didn't remember the night he first Him, but there was a lot that he didn't remember. Most days, he couldn't remember his twin's phone number, nor could he recall what his mother's name was. Sometimes, he had trouble remembering the way to his friends' houses. Of course, these were all small, unimportant things. Anything that didn't directly influence him was small and unimportant. It wasn’t his fault that no one was as interesting. If people were more interesting, then he wouldn’t be so bored with them that he would forget them. Devon wasn’t boring though...well, at times he could be dull, but for the most part, he wasn’t. It was just that his brother came with so many bad memories that it was just easier to avoid him.

      Plus, they weren’t into the same scenes.

      Devon haunted their mother’s walks of life: drugs, prostitution, and self loathing.
      Darius aimed for what he viewed as the high road. He was only addicted to cigarettes, sex, and entertainment.

      Unlike his brother, who needed meth to function, he could quit anything and still be happily living, so long as he had himself. Even if he lost his job, his friends, and his savings, he would still find a way to move on and be happy. All that he needed to go one was himself. That was the benefit of his vanity.

      More than likely, it was because of his vanity that he survived to adulthood, though whether that was a good thing or not was up for debate. He hadn’t done much good with his life and caused plenty of harm. Not that he cared. Everyone and everything he had harmed had full and well deserved it. They were all mindless idiots that could rot once they lost their shine in his eyes. What right did boring people have to exist in his world?

      Since graduating from a little, nameless high school, Darius had gone from one job to the next. He never would have thought to try out being a bouncer for a club if it wasn’t for one of his friends. Marcus had complained nonstop for about a week that they needed another guy for his shift. Just to shut the bastard up, Darius had applied and been accepted. His first night there, he had gotten to beat the shit out of a drunkard and take home the beauty that the guy had been harassing. It had been a one night fling, but it had definitely gotten him hooked. Playing the hero wasn’t as much fun as playing the bad guy, but it certainly was easier to get into people’s pants that way.

      This night, he was at the club he worked at, but he wasn’t playing the hard ass. Hell no. He was playing the seducer. Whether it was fate or just coincidence, his last pet had finally grown a set and broken up with him and he was playing with his friend’s band. It didn’t matter what else was going on in his life, any time he played on stage, he always got someone new, someone interesting.

      Tonight, however, didn’t seem like it was going to be his night. As his emerald eyes rode the crowd for someone, he spotted no one. There was no one colorful enough, unique enough, interesting enough, to snag his interest. They were all run of the mill young adults with their “rebellious” hair colors and styles and self involved attitudes. That wasn’t what he wanted, and by the time he was climbing off stage, he had already given up. There was no point in trying if his heart wasn’t in it.

      “See ya later!” “Talk to you whenever.” “Hey! Return my CDs.” “Whatever.” “Drinks tomorrow?” “No promises.” “Bye.”

      Like rain, the familiar voices washed over him. Marcus was going to go back to his two girlfriends. Damen was returning to his boyfriend. Haden was going to roam the streets, looking to score. Just like always, they all had places to be. Unlike usual, Darius didn’t. Normally, he had something he needed or wanted to do, but just then, there was no such objective. It was rather dejecting.
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PostSubject: Re: Broken Souls (Private, Mature)   Wed Mar 28, 2012 5:04 pm

Richard(Rich) E. Powers
age: 21 (January 4)
Occupation: Walgreen's clerk ( wannabe musician)
Hobbies: plays drums, online gaming, comic book reader

Rich kept trying to remember what kept him doing this. He kept looking at his watch, it had been nearly an hour now.After so many weeks planning this event, his so-called "date" hadn't arrived.This was an udder nightmare.

Rich wasn't a ladies man, nor was he a man's man.From how his luck had been going lately, he was bound to be dateless for a long time. He took a glance on his phone, no missed calls, no messages. This was the last straw! He had to stop standing in one place before he'd explode. With a groan, he retreated to the bar area, "vodka and red bull, I need some energy." He had to be admit he felt tired, he blamed his late night gaming. He still hardly had energy at work, which is why he was so addicted to energy drinks lately. Red Bull was his best friend.
Once he got his drink, his eyes wandered, he could try to be social...but wasn't sure. Why did he have to be such an awkward turtle? This was stupid, this was why he had got the date in the first place. His former roommate, Clark, had hooked him up with a "hunk"so he said, but there was no way, he was probably just as fake just as all Clark's friends were...

Still, it couldn't hurt to look, maybe he would be noticed. Soft golden brown eyes, brunette hair with blonde tips that hung a bit below the jawline,and a slender yet strong body. He had a nice handsome face, a bit of stubble on the chin though from lack of shaving, but some people liked it on him, so he kept some hair on the face sometimes.Maybe one day he could attract someone...sometimes he felt he looked like a bum.

He took a gulp of his drink and looked up at the stage, his body yearning to get his hands on the drum set and play. It was always his outlet on the world, just throwing himself music, and it always helped to be banging on something. His eyes didn't fall on the stage long, they then fell on a man looking out into the crowd, like he was looking for something. He silently said back to him, Me too, man..
He then shrugged and got up away from the bar and hesitantly made his way through the people. Maybe there was something he could do here
to get his mind off the failed date. Or someone. At this point he didn't care which.

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Join date : 2010-12-21
Age : 23
Location : Hell on my earth (Home :D)

PostSubject: Re: Broken Souls (Private, Mature)   Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:06 pm

      Darius was debating whether or not to just go home and sleep. It wasn’t something he did often, and he couldn’t remember when he had last gone home to an empty bed. It was a bit boring and annoying to even contemplate. He didn’t deserve an empty bed. He deserved some bitch there to fuck and have his way with. It was because of that stupid faggot that he was alone.

      Half growling from annoyance, he went towards the bar to get something to entertain his hands. He knew that if he went home now that he remembered his ex, he would just end up picking a fight with someone that didn’t deserve his attention, much less aggression. It wasn’t like that fucker deserved for him to get annoyed. Oh no, Zaq was just another toy and bitch. Losing him didn’t annoy him. What annoyed him was that some straight boy with a crush could take his toy from him. He could already imagine how that would end. The two of them would be miserable, and the greatest shame was that he wouldn’t be able to enjoy it.

      At the bar, he didn’t have to say a world. His scotch was poured without comment, and a little more was added to his tab like always. It would be settled at the end of the month, and he wouldn’t worry about it until then, just like away.

      Sipping the alcohol, he turned back towards the crowd. There was another band on already, and they were nothing compared to him and his friends, but he could enjoy it anyway. Nodding along and drinking, he moved through the crowd, eyes hunting for someone. Golden green hues, he had the eyes of a tiger, predatory and dangerous. This was his jungle, and since he needed something to distract him, he was now hunting. It was smarter to hunt than to care about the past.

      It was then that he caught sight of someone he had seen before. The bitch had met his gaze while he was on stage. Instantly, a smile curved his lips at the memory. There had been some sort of understanding in his glance. Darius decided to see how far that understanding could be misinterpreted. Making his way over to the young man, he slid up behind him and placed a hand on his hip lightly. Leaning his head forward, he murmured against the blonde’s ear, "Come dance with me." It wasn’t a request or a demand. It was a command, and as he shifted away and moved towards the dance floor, where sweat bodies already writhed and pulsed in time with the music, he had no doubt that it would be followed.
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PostSubject: Re: Broken Souls (Private, Mature)   

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Broken Souls (Private, Mature)
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