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 Golden Pastures

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PostSubject: Golden Pastures   Mon Nov 05, 2012 6:57 pm

I can remember my first memory like no other. I was born on the farm and weeks later when my eyes opened, I saw something I would never forget. It was a beautiful day outside. The wind was blowing over the fields outside and you could hear it whisper through the trees. My first sight was my mother and 9 siblings. We were in the barn, all bundled up and warm. Suddenly the door busted open and a "human" entered. He attacked my mother. She bit him and fought back the best she could, but it was no use. He finally subdued her and took her from us. My brothers and sisters started whining and crying. "Where's mama?" But I wasn't going to sit and wait. I crawled the best I could to them, comforting and quieting them. It would not work. They whimpered, even when more humans came for them. While they gathered my family in sacks, I found shelter to hide. I watched as the humans left with the squirming and squealing bags over their backs. Then I was alone. Completely and utterly alone.

I stayed in the barn for a long time. But them my tummy growled. I was starving. I wandered out to find a fox in the grass. I whined at her and she fed me with her kits. She took care of me until I was big enough to be on my own. She taught me how to hunt and what to eat. But it wasn't the same. I wanted my mom and family. I wanted to be around others just like me. So I wandered. I explored and grew. Now I'm 2 years of age and go by my birth name, Ace. Son of Rex and Anaya, brother to 9 brothers and sisters, searching to make myself whole!

((Can't post a picture yet, but Ace is a Border Collie. Plain black and white. His journey is about finding his family. No other plot in mind. You can be anyone in his family or potential mate, or anything. He is straight. Just looking to come back. Can be mature and open for all!!))
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Golden Pastures
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