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 The Rules {A Must Read}

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PostSubject: The Rules {A Must Read}   Sun May 09, 2010 7:38 pm

The rules and guidelines have been listed separately for one simple reason: I don't want them getting mixed up. Guidelines are the pointers to avoid confusion, but the rules, you must follow. Reading these before joining would be recommended and you must read them before posting.

    1. Do not use hentai or nude pictures.
    "Private Parts" should be covered in any picture you post.
    Sexually explicit pictures aren't allowed at all.

    2. Do not leap into a role play with over 20 posts without asking the people already in it.
    The exception is if it says in their first post "Open to everyone"

    3. Keep your fighting out of OOCs and do not drag your tiffs to other forums.
    If you have a problem with someone, tell me or one of the other Admins.

    4. When you are going to have an RP that might get mature (really bloody or sexual explicit) put so in the title while posting.

    5. The 'yaoi' and 'yuri' boards are optional use. You can have MxM or FxF relationships in any forum.

    6. If you are going to have "romantically mature" role plays, your main characters must be older than 15.
    I would prefer if they were older than that, but I won't kick you off the site as long as you keep them that old.

    7. Do not RP incest. Period, end of statement, no exception.

    8. Don't God Mode or Power Play
    I know it doesn't seems like a big thing, but nothing will get you more hate than this.
    God Moding is when your character is invincible and no one can touch him/her.
    Power Playing is when you control someone else's character.

    9. Keep cussing in your character's speech and keep it to a minimal.

    10. Be literate!
    One lining once in a while is okay (though still annoying) but most of your posts should be at least 4-5 sentences long. Longer posts are encouraged!
    Use adjectives and adverbs to spice things up!
    Check your spelling and grammar. If you are posting quickly and make a few mistakes, no one cares, but don't make it impossible to read.

    11. No Prejudice is welcome here.
    Don't like people that are black/white/Asian/Mexican/etc? Don't mention them.
    Don't like people that are Muslim/Buddhist/Jewish/etc? Don't think about it.
    Don't like people that are bisexual/homosexual? Get off my site.
    Dream is my figurative home on the internet. I will not have my home poisoned with hatred.

    12. Follow posting order and other guidelines set up by you and your roleplay partner(s).
    There is nothing more annoying than having to sleep and coming back and you've been left completely behind.

Okay, that's all for rules, but I may add some later.


    First Time Offense: You will get a warning and/or the post(s) will be deleted.

    Second Time Offense: Your account will get a temporary ban.

    Third Time Offense: Your account will be banned forever.

That's just how I work: three strikes and you are out.
I want this to be a fun, safe place to RP, where we don't have to deal with a bunch of crap. So, let's keep it nice.
There will be exceptions to the punishment, based on how badly the rule is breached, of course, and if you can explain yourself politely, I would be more than happy to resolve things, rather than be a bitch.

That being said: have fun and feel free to message me with comments or concerns. I'll get back to you ASAP.

Dream on ^_^
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The Rules {A Must Read}
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