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PostSubject: RolePlay Starter   Sun May 09, 2010 8:42 pm

Here is my guide on how to post an RP!

First, you must have the plot, characters, and starting point picked. Have that?
Which forum does it go in? (Refer to my other post: Guide Lines for What RP goes Where)

Click on the forum it belongs in. Below the icons and above the actual posts, you'll see the: "new topic" option. Click on that.
It will say: Post a new topic
Title of Topic:
In the bar there, type the title. If you can't think of one, take elements from the RP (like, if it is raining on the first post, "Start in the Down Pour" or something like that).

Next to the title put in brackets or parentheses the proper labels:
Open/O: anyone can join
Private/P: the RP is for yourself and a specific person
Open to All/OTA: anyone can join this at any point in time without asking.
Mature/M: this RP will contain mature elements (gore, violence, explicit sexual scenes) [this does not have to be added in the "mature" category]
Mature?/M?: there is a chance this RP will include mature elements
Yaoi/Ya: this RP will contain mXm relationships
Yuri/Yu: this RP will contain fXf relationships

Once you have that finished, I would recommend posting a picture of your character.
First get the URL of your photo and then type (with the actual URL and no spaces)
If you are going to have more than one character to RP type the character's name above the picture and post one at the top of the post and one at the bottom.

After you have the picture, type the body of your post. This should introduce the scene and the character.
When that is done, play around with fonts to make certain it looks cool. Below the box you type the body of the RP in, there is a "Preview" button and a "Send" button. Click Preview to check how your forum looks. Once it is to your liking go to the bottom.

Type an OOC at the very bottom. If it is a private role play where everything has been talked over, you don't have to, but if it's not, then I would recommend it.
Tell what you would like the other character to be, what the story line is, and how much you want the other person to type.

Hope this helped you out some! Wink

Keep Dreaming! Very Happy
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