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 Little, Red Ridinghood and the Big, Not-so-bad Wolf (Private, Mature, Yuri)

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PostSubject: Little, Red Ridinghood and the Big, Not-so-bad Wolf (Private, Mature, Yuri)   Wed Jul 07, 2010 8:20 pm

Once upon a time, not so long ago, there was a small village surrounded by dense forest. This village was very beautiful to the eye. The townspeople pleasant. The wilderness well kept at bay. To those passing through, it was hard to imagine that this little part of the world was anything but happy, especially when they saw the little girl in a red riding hood.

Red was a noble color and one that was rare to come by in that era, so of course they would watch the flash of it. The girl danced around the village, singing and dancing, quite happy in her ways.

Such as things were in such a small town, all of the village knew about her drunken father who beat her and her mother, and her coward mother whom refused to ask for help. They also knew that the girl's father was kept in line by the girl's grandfather, whom would knock him around any time he saw a bruise on the girl.

Often, the girl would go out into the forest to live with her grandparents. It was a happy, but rough time for her. She was content with the way things were and never asked nor thought about needing more.

But as things do, they changed. It started with her grandfather dying. After that it was a simple matter of waiting as her father beat her mother more and more and her mother grew crueler and crueler to the little girl. It was rare to see either female without bruises on her.

The little girl went to spend more time in the forest with her grandmother at that point. Her smile never faded and her eyes were never once cruel. In fact, it was as if the abuse made her sweeter and kinder to every living creature. Nothing was small or ugly or smelly enough to earn her wrath.

It is impossible to say how she stayed so sweet. Maybe it was her grandmother's influence. Maybe it was her grandfather's memory. Maybe it was merely spitefulness towards her father. Whatever it was, it was the cause of her story, her fame.

Oletha was eighteen now. Many of the young males in the village had started courting her, longing for the beautiful girl's hand in marriage. Everyone praised her, telling her how lovely her golden brown hair was, or how soft her creamy skin was, or how striking her jade green eyes were. Even though she was embarrassed, Oletha just blushed and returned the praise.

Her large, green eyes saw the beauty in all of the people whom praised her, but her heart saw nothing of them. The males that paraded themselves before her could barely keep her interest. Oletha always found her eyes drawn towards the soft females when there were whispers of longing.

Still, telling herself that it was wrong, she pushed these feelings away. In her mind, Oletha figured her father would arrange a marriage for her and her heart would have nothing to do with it.

As she walked through the shady forest, Oletha told herself not to think of it. Thinking of something so dark would surely just drive her into sorrow. There was no need nor desire for despair in her heart so she did change her mind to a happier topic. Today she was going to visit her grandmother, carrying a basket with her. Something told her that today would be an interesting one.
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PostSubject: Re: Little, Red Ridinghood and the Big, Not-so-bad Wolf (Private, Mature, Yuri)   Tue Nov 02, 2010 6:07 pm

As the sun slowly forced its way into the dark and gloomy den, the rays of light danced upon the sleeping beauty’s paws. Her eyes pressed tightly as they showered over her eyelids. Aurora let out a low growl of disdain before proceeding to stand to her feet. Her tail swished from side to side as she walked to meet the morning’s embrace. The light breeze tickled her nose and rustled her fur. She walked to her favorite thinking spot and sat down. She lifted her nose and began smelling the sweet scents of the world around her. There were no other wolves for miles. She had become an outcast, a lone wolf. She laid down and rested her head on her paws.

It wasn’t log until she smelled a bizarre smell. It was human. There had not been any humans in this part of the woods for a very long time, especially none that smelled like this one. Aurora jumped up to her feet and quickly dashed through the trees, bushes and brush of the forest. She came to a complete stop as she sensed the figure to be very close by. She ducked her head and peered between the branches. A female. She watched the girl walk along the road, carrying something in her hand. For some odd reason, Aurora was captivated by this creature and decide to allow her presence to be known.

Aurora quickly moved from behind her hidden spot and stood behind the girl. She lifted her front left paw and let out a melodious whimper. “Will she turn around? Will she run away?” these questions cycled through her brain.
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Little, Red Ridinghood and the Big, Not-so-bad Wolf (Private, Mature, Yuri)
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