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 The Early Day's Of Summer

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PostSubject: The Early Day's Of Summer   Thu Aug 26, 2010 3:37 pm

I miss the early days of summer,
When it wasn't quite as dry.
When work was a privilege,
And not a thing to dread.

When class was a dream,
and a bad one at that,
and drama was a concept,
that still made me laugh.

When 'love' was alive
and desire was filled.
When the only ones beaten,
Were the enemy team.

When the talk came easy,
and you had nothing to hide.
And you could show feeling,
Not afraid to cry.

I miss the early days of summer
And my good friend the sun.
But now it's grown late,
and theres no time for fun.

Goodbye, great summer days
Goodbye, loving summer.
All that's left is haze,
And school, what a bummer.
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The Early Day's Of Summer
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